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Q: Do you offer ceramic coatings?
Answer: Yes we do! We offer a range of ceramic coatings from 1-5yrs, give us a call today!
Q: How do I prevent water spots on my vehicle after detailing?
Answer: Water spots can be a real pain, when the ph of the water is not neutral your left with sediment in the water, thus leaving those pesky water spots. To prevent these, It’s always best to do regular hand washes on your vehicle to ensure you get All the perfect finish every time! We can schedule you a time to remove those pesky water spots, just give us a call.
Q. What should I do about scratches?
Answer: Before we can repair a scratch, we must first address it. We use a paint depth gauge at kc car clean to ensure you have adequate clear coat on your vehicle before and after the repair! Our process starts with the least aggressive method and depending on the depth, we may even need to sand the imperfection. Give Kc car clean a call right away to schedule your buffing/polishing consultation today.
Q. Do you offer maintenance packages?
Answer: Yes we offer All of our detailing customers maintenance packages as well as follow ups to keep your ride looking like the day you picked it up.
Q. Do you give free estimates?
Answer: Yes, however we do charge a travel fee that is eliminated if we are chosen to do the job!
Q. Do you finance?
Answer: We have partnered with affirm, snap and accorn financing if you’re looking to finance paint correction, full reconditioning, or ceramic coatings.
Q. Do you have a warranty?
Answer: Yes! Kc car clean automotive LLC warranties all labor, were not happy until you are! Q. Where can I get more information?
Q. Where can I get more information?
Answer: If you have any questions about Kc Car Clean automotive that are not answered on this website, simply call 1-(816)-319-4079 to speak with us!